Revealed: Beginners Approach To Affiliate Marketing (2021)

Starting Out With Affiliate Marketing: What You Should Know

If there’s one thing we all need — it is more money. That’s why I am about to show you a genuine way I earn money that involves little or no stress. Once you can get a grip of how it works, you can rest assured that you will keep laughing to the bank.

How about I tell you my story before I go into that detail?

We all know how that early morning struggle goes — waking up to prepare for work or school. It was one of the reasons I hated Mondays. Still in bed, after my alarm clock woke me up, I wished I could stay home all day and still get credit alerts, consistently. “If only wishes could come true.” I thought. A few weeks later, my wish came true when I stumbled on this Affiliate Marketing passive income system. I couldn’t believe my luck.

This was the beginning of my journey into the world of Affiliate marketing. The interesting part is, it keeps getting better.

Now, imagine what you can do with your free time when you know you have a source of passive income. You could tour that country you always loved as a kid, or afford the lifestyle you crave. Looks like the dream you wrote in your diary, right? Yes! It can become a reality.

Just like me, your wishes can come true, if you allow me to show you how to make money in affiliate marketing.

Want to make your dreams come true? Let’s get down to it.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This is one question that’s always on the lips of individuals eager to find a source of passive income. Why? This is the foundation of how to start affiliate marketing for beginners. In a school setting, a teacher introduces a new topic to the students with a definition. This gives the students a basic understanding of the topic. And as a beginner, you must have an idea of what affiliate marketing is.

So, what is Affiliate Marketing?

In simple words, it is an avenue for you to get a commission for recommending services or products to any audience you can reach — friends, family, or colleagues. This implies that you earn money by helping another person get traffic and sales. Looks simple, right? It is, but it can be difficult if you jump into it without the needed knowledge.

Not to worry, I have got you covered in this affiliate marketing for beginners 2021 guide. If you are ready to earn, let me show you how to get started.

How To Start: My Step-by-Step System

So far, I have told you there’s a big fish in the river — affiliate marketing. This is where I show you the steps you need to catch this fish. Here, I’ll be sharing with you the exact steps I took when I started out as an affiliate marketer that got me a small fortune. After applying these steps I am about to show you, you will experience a consistent flow of cash.

To make it simple and easy for you to remember, I have tagged it, “my 5 step-by-step affiliate marketing system.” This is the perfect guide to show you how to do affiliate marketing for free. Take a look!

1) You need to find a trusted product or service that you can promote

This is where the affiliate marketing journey begins — and may end if you don’t get it right. Not every product or service is worth promoting. That is why the emphasis is on “trusted.” If you can’t provide your target audience with value for their money, you will lose their trust. In other words, promoting trusted products and services helps you build a reputation of trust.

2) Search for a credible affiliate marketing program

There are a few affiliate marketing programs that are well known for their consistency and no-fail system. Not all affiliate programs have a trusted system. So, you have to find a highly reputable affiliate program. I mentioned a few later on in this article. Keep reading.

3) Sign up for the affiliate marketing program of your choice

This is the key to accessing the affiliate program you so choose.

4) Immediately after signing up, you will get a special link you can share with others via social media — Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The sole aim of this link is to drive traffic to the site where the product or service is up for grabs. Also, this is how the owner of the product or service you are promoting tracks the number of people who click to buy.

5) This is the juiciest part of the deal. Whenever anyone buys via the link you shared on your social media platform, you get your commission. Juicy, right?

For instance, some of these programs offer a 50% commission. This means that if you promote a product worth $100, you will get $50 when anyone clicks the link and buys.

So many times I have been asked: Can you do affiliate marketing without a website?. My dear friends, if you are one of those who wondered if it was possible, here is your answer. I started my journey into affiliate marketing without owning a website — all I needed was my phone and a great affiliate program. Simple! You can do the same — apply my steps and get guaranteed results.

The Best Affiliate Programs You Should Do

This is the part where I show you where to cast your net if you desire to catch the big fish. Here, I have listed 8 of the best affiliate programs in 2021, to save you the stress of trying many options. And believe me, they are tried, tested, and trusted affiliate programs. They include:

  • Expertnaire
  • Clickbank
  • Skimlinks
  • Sovrn //Commerce
  • FlexOffers
  • ShareASale
  • Awin
  • Impact
  • Commission Junction
  • Amazon Associates

Having said that, the most popular program for beginners is the Amazon associate or clickbank. However, you will need to learn how to start affiliate marketing with Amazon to earn money, here.

In a nutshell, the financial freedom and comfort affiliate marketing offers you are second to none. I, for one, can confirm it. And all thanks to these programs out there, you are on the right path to earning good money, doing little work. Affiliate Marketing is a gold mine if you can do the little work the right way using my step-by-step guide and also getting guidance from a mentor in the game.

Which of the affiliate programs are you trying out, first? I would love to know.

Kindly share your experience with me.

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